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Human Rights Film Series
Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights is co-sponsoring, with the Saint Paul Public Library, a human rights film series, the Human Rights Video Project. Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights' staff and volunteers will introduce and lead discussions for four of the twelve films in the series. Please join us in viewing  Calling the Ghosts: a Story About Rape, War and Women, on Tuesday, April 19, 7:00 p.m. (see below for more details). 

Behind the Labels: Garment Workers on U.S. Saipan, Tuesday, January 18, 7:00 p.m. at Riverview Branch Library, 1 George Street, St. Paul. Megan Powers, former Director of Education for Minnesota Advocates will introduce and lead a discussion of this film that "exposes the harsh conditions of the garment industry in Saipan, a U.S. territory in the Northern Mariana Islands of the Pacific. Although the island flies the American flag, it is not subject to U.S. immigration laws, and in 1976 was exempted from federal minimum wage regulations to attract business to the island. Chinese and Filipino women, attracted by the idea of working in "America," pay high recruitment fees to attain contracts to work in Saipan. The result is years of debt. Fees are sometimes as much as $2,000, while women only earn about $350 a year after room, board and fees are subtracted." 

Well-Founded Fear, Wednesday, February 16, 6:30 p.m. at Arlington Hills Branch Library, 1105 Greenbrier Street, St. Paul. Lesley Guyton, a local immigration attorney will be on-hand to introduce and lead a discussion of this documentary produced for the PBS POV television series. The documentary "provides a rare glimpse of the U.S. asylum granting process through the perspective of the immigration asylum officers responsible for reviewing asylum applications. Well Founded Fear is a riveting documentary on U.S. immigration policy."

Long Night's Journey into Day: South Africa's Search for Truth & ReconciliationWednesday, March 16, 7:00 p.m. at St. Anthony Park Branch Library, 2245 Como Avenue, St. Paul. Join Margaret Manderfeld, a local attorney who witnessed some of the public hearings in South Africa, as she introduces and leads this film that focuses on four cases heard by the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. "From 1948 to 1994, South Africa was subject to a brutal system of racial classification and discrimination. When apartheid collapsed, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was formed to review amnesty applications by those who had been involved in crimes relating to the apartheid system." This film is a gripping account of the journey from darkness to light in South Africa.

Calling the Ghosts: a Story About Rape, War and Women, Tuesday, April 19, 7:00 p.m. at Merriam Park Branch Library, 1831 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul. Join Minnesota Advocates Women's Program staff attorney, Rose Park, as she introduces and leads a discussion of this film that "examines the devastating impact of the war in Bosnia on women through the stories of Jadranka Cigelj and Nasreta Sival. Both professional Muslim women living in the Bosnian town of Priejdor when Serbs seized power in 1992, they were taken to the Omarska Detention Camp. They describe the systematic rape that was used as a means of humiliation and annihilation. While the physical violations take place mostly at night, "mental rape" occurred 24 hours a day."