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Sierra Leone Last on 2004 Human Development Index: UNDP
12/16/2004 11:50 AM

Sierra Leone has been ranked as the least developed among 177 countries surveyed by UNDP in 2004.

The United Nations Human Development Report 2004 outlines key indicators such as child mortality, maternal motarlity and average life expectancy in Sierra Leone as being the highest in the world. This, the report says has negatively impacted on vulnerable groups such as women and children hence denying them their basic right to survival, protection and development.

The report however singles out security as being stable. Hence, UNAMSIL, the UN peacekeeping mission, is gradually withdrawing its troops with more than 75% of the country presently in the hands of the local security forces.

The report also notes that the Special Court for Sierra Leone is currently experiencing a shortfall in funding and is likely to shorten its expected mandate.  

Published in United Nations Children's Fund News. Copyright UNICEF 2004, 13 December 2004. Available at Reliefweb