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Executive Allocates Budget for Reparations
8/25/2004 10:35 AM

Almost a year since the government was given the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR); the government has stated that it will allocate part of the 2005 and 2006 budget to fulfill the collective and individual reparations for the victims of political violence of the last 20 years.


To do this the ministries of the House, the Woman, Transportation, Agriculture, Health and Education will all have to redistribute their budget to finance the programs of the Integral Plan of Reparations proposed by the CVR, because the Executive does not count on having any additional funds.


"We have met with each ministry because it is very unlikely that there will be new money in the budget for next year, we have requested that they deliver a plan so that with the same silver they take care of these actions," referred Ernesto Alayza Mujica, member of the Multi-sectorial Commission in charge of pursuing the recommendations of the CVR.


Included in the planned collective reparations is the reconstruction of road infrastructure, previously destroyed by violent actions in the interior of the country, and scholarships for the relatives of victims, among other plans.


Additional ideas being contemplated are to grant Integral Health Insurance for the victims, and to give them the benifit of a greater quota when they attain assistance from the programs My House (MiVivienda) and My Own Land (Techo Propio).


At the moment, priority will not be placed on individual monetary reparations, though Alayza did not discard the idea that in the future individual reparations will be fulfilled through paying indemnifications as has already occurred for those relatives who participated in the committee of assassinations.  


The Multi-sectorial Commission considers, on the other hand, the decision of the Supreme Council of Military justice that exonerated the intellectual authors in the case of Cantuta, a step backward.


"On the one hand we judge human rights violations and on the other a decision like that. It is an unpleasant surprise that goes against our efforts,” Alayza emphasized .