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October 2004
11/30/2004 10:25 AM


October 22: Taylor aides' reprieve in Liberia

Liberia's Supreme Court has ordered the suspension of economic sanctions imposed on two people, Emmanuel Shaw and Benoni Urey, with connections to former president, Charles Taylor.

Mr. Shaw, a former finance minister in the 1980s and Mr. Urey, the former commissioner of Liberia's maritime affairs bureau, were recently added to a U.N. Resolution, which lists 22 names, including Charles Taylor himself and his associates. The resolution lists individuals that may threaten the peace in West Africa and calls for the freezing of the listed assets and other sanctions.

In accordance to the resolution, Justice Minister Kabineh Janneh froze the assets of the two former aides to Taylor. The two men, both top officials at a mobile phone company, Lone Star Communication, were also ordered to remove security officials from the company's premises as they had only been posted following the move to freeze their assets.