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B.I.A.S. Project Resources

Fact Sheets and Resources

Dispelling the Myths About Immigrants
Learn the facts about the impact of immigration.

The Integration of Immigrants
This fact sheet discusses why integration is more beneficial than assimilation for the immigrant and society and looks at several factors to examine how sucessfully integration is occurring.

Undocumented Immigrants
This fact sheet addresses the definition of undocumented immigrants and reveals characteristics about the undocumented population.

Undocumented Students
This fact sheet provides statistics on the numbers of undocumented students and their rates of high school completion and post-secondary enrollment.  It explains the law as it relates to K-12 education and higher education.

Immigrants in Rural and Urban Communities
This fact sheet addresses immigrants in central cities, suburbs and rural areas.  It provides examples specific to Minnesota.  It also discusses the issues of crime, housing, and schools as they relate to immigration.

Immigration and the Economy
This resource explains how immigration benefits the U.S. economically in terms of taxes, social security, employment in areas of shortage, global competitiveness and clarifies the misperceptions about job loss, wage effects and public benefits.

Immigration and National Security
This fact sheet explains how protection the rights of immigrants and refugees and shaping immigration policy to create legal channels to immigrate is in the national security interests of the United States and will promote stronger foreign relations.

Immigration and Human Rights
This fact sheet explains the specific rights that immigrants and refugees are guaranteed under international human rights treaties.

How to Immigrate to the U.S.
This fact sheet explains who is eligible to immigrate under current U.S. immigration law and the process for immigrating.

Immigration in Minnesota
A brief overview of Minnesota's immigrant populations.

"Immigrant Quotient" (I.Q.) Interactive Quiz
Take an IQ (Immigrant Quotient) test online to see how much you know.

Minnesota "Immigrant Quotient" (I.Q.)Test

Best Practices in Creating a Welcoming Environment for Refugee and Immigrant Students
Examples of what Minnesota educators have done to help integrate immigrant and refugee students into the school and local community. Share your success stories in creating a welcoming environment for refugee and immigrant students.

"Fleeing for Your Life" - Refugee Role Play
The aim of this activity is for students to empathize with the dangers and struggles that refugees face when they are forced to flee their homes.

What can you do to make a difference?
School and community projects to increase awareness of refugee and immigrant issues.

Activities and Sample Curriculum Lesson Plans

Facts on Refugees and Asylees

Ideas That Work: Making ESL Students Feel at Home

The B.I.A.S. Project (Building Immigrant Awareness and Support) of The Advocates for Human Rights is looking for examples of things teachers have done to help immigrant and refugee students integrate into the school and local community.