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B.I.A.S. Project Accomplishments

▪ Conducts more than 75 presentations and trainings on immigrant and refugee issues annually, reaching more than 5,000 individuals each year.


  Co-sponsored the 2002 Upper Midwest Regional Conference on Building Inclusive communities that brought together more than 200 people from the 5-state region to highlight best practices in working with the increasingly diverse populations of the Upper Midwest.


▪ Hosted a youth conference in December 2000 that drew more than 100 Minnesota high school students and educators to discuss diversity in Minnesota’s urban and rural schools.


▪ Produced The Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America—a video and curriculum guide on
immigrant and refugee issues—which has been purchased by more than 300 community
organizations, businesses, and schools across the country.


▪ Developed, in collaboration with community partners in Southern Minnesota, The Many Faces of Immigration, an educational newspaper supplement about immigrants in Southern Minnesota that was distributed to 39,000 homes in the region in 1995.