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B.I.A.S. Project Resources

Fact Sheets and Resources

From Abandonment to Hope: the New Hmong Refugees
With the influx of new Hmong refugees to the Twin Cities many questions and myths about refugees have come up. The Building Immigrant and Awareness Support Project (BIAS) has been gathering information to facilitate further understanding and dispel myths about refugees and the Hmong people.

Dispelling the Myths About Immigrants
Learn the facts about the impact of immigration.

Minnesota’s Immigrant Populations: Past and Present
A brief overview of Minnesota's immigrant populations.

Glossary of Immigration Terms
Excerpt from The Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America (Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, 1997, Updated 2004)

Bibliography: Resource Materials on Refugee & Immigrant Issues
Many of these resources, in addition to others not listed, are available in the files of the B.I.A.S. Project (Building Immigrant Awareness and Support) of Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights.

Best Practices in Creating a Welcoming Environment for Refugee and Immigrant Students
Examples of what Minnesota educators have done to help integrate immigrant and refugee students into the school and local community. Share your success stories in creating a welcoming environment for refugee and immigrant students.

What can you do to make a difference?
School and community projects to increase awareness of refugee and immigrant issues.

Activities and Sample Curriculum Lesson Plans

Ideas That Work: Making ESL Students Feel at Home

The B.I.A.S. Project (Building Immigrant Awareness and Support) of Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights is looking for examples of things teachers have done to help immigrant and refugee students integrate into the school and local community.