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Civil Society in Sierra Leone
Please click on an organization below for additional contact information. To add your organization to this page, please contact [email protected]. Please provide the name of the organization, address, phone number, email, and website (if available). Submission does not guarantee posting on this website, and posting is at the discretion of the Website Adminstrator.

50/50 Group +232-22-22-1104 [email protected]
Accord 97 +232-221-243
Amazonian Initiative Movement +232-076-606-050 [email protected]
Association For Sustainable Community Development +232-076-618-081
Association of War Affected Youths For Social Awareness and Comunity Development +232-221-817
Campaign Against Violent Events +232-224-350 [email protected]
Campaign for Good Governance 232-22-235-626 [email protected]
Caritas Makeni +232-233-760 [email protected]
Center For Democracy and Human Rights [email protected]
Children's Welfare and Community Development +232-241-972 [email protected]
Coalition for Justice and Accountability
De Sanators Social Club
Defense For Children International Sierra Leone +232-225-886 [email protected]
Destiny Agricultural Development Association +232-220-396 [email protected]
Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone +232-22-22-8670 [email protected]
Feed The Homeless +232-221-817 [email protected]
Forum for African Women Educationalists +232-22-22-7076 [email protected]
Forum Of Conscience +232-228-808 [email protected]
Friends Of The Earth Sierra Leone +232-042-688
Grassroots Empowerment For Self Reliance +232-076-660-4158 [email protected]
Grassroots Gender Empowerment Movement +232-22-24-0215
Green Scenery +232-22-22-6216 [email protected]
Human Rights Watch +232-23-5077 [email protected]
iEARN Centre for Education and Technology 232-76-654-282 [email protected]
International Human Rights Law Group +232-24-2150 [email protected]
Kambia District Women Farmers Association +232-23-0295
Kuimayei Rural Development Organisation
Lawyers Center for Legal Assistance (LAWCLA) 232-22-240-440 [email protected]
Legal Access through Women Yearning for Equality Rights and Social Justice +232-076-60-4716
Maforki Promoters
Medical Research Centre +232-076-68-5977
Movement For Resettlement And Rural Development SL
National Forum for Human Rights 232-22-220-396 [email protected]
Network Movement for Justice and Development 232-22-229-937 [email protected]
Network On Collaborative Peacebuilding In Sierra Leone +232-07-661-7088 [email protected]
Partnership Action for Community Empowerment +232-22-24-0519 [email protected]
Peace Child Rescue Mission +232-07-662-2758 [email protected]
Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone +232-22-22-4488 [email protected]
Post-conflict Reintegration Initiative for Development and Empowerment (PRIDE) [email protected]
Rainbo Centre 232-76-668-052 [email protected]
Samtom Women's Association
Save Heritage And Rehabilitate The Environment (SHARE) +232-22-22-3822 [email protected]
Search for Common Ground 232-22-223-479 [email protected]
Sickle Cell Victims Organization
Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA) +232-22-24-2276 [email protected]
Sierra Leone Association of University Women
Sierra Leone Bar Association 232-22-3625
Sierra Leone Citizens Rights Association +232-07-661-6370 [email protected]
Society for Democratic Initiatives 232-76-647-455 [email protected]
Status-Quo Sierra Leone [email protected]
Talking Drum 232-22-223-479 [email protected]
Tamemsu Women's Organisation
The Youth Movement for Peace and Non-Violence +232-22-22-5495 [email protected]
Truth and Reconciliation Working Group +232-04-2258
United for the Protection of Women's and Children's Rights
United Nations of Peacebuilders 232-22-240-901
Wellington Youth Training Centre
Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children +232-22-5778
Women's Forum +232-22-1540 [email protected]
Women's Helpline Project 232-22-234-318
Women's Network of Methodist Church Sierra Leone +232-22-7479
Young Women's Christian Association
Youths for Sustainable Peace and Development in Sierra Leone +232-22-22-1232 [email protected]
Zonta Club of Freetown