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Educational Videos and Curriculum Guides

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"Survival: Every Child's Right" - A Curriculum for Grades 8- 12

This curriculum is designed to raise awareness about economic, social, and cultural rights; to help students identify preventable child death as a human rights violations; and to foster understanding of the economic, social, and cultural factors which cause early child death.  Five extensive lessons aim to familiarize students with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, integrate math skills with social studies, health, and data analysis through statistics, and participate in a role-play exercise to gain a more in-depth understanding of the issue of preventable child mortality. First edition 2000, Second edition 2004.

Cost:  $15.00


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"Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America" - A Curriculum for Grades 6- 12

This curriculum uses easy-to-read charts, tables, graphs, and maps to convey who comes from other countries to settle in the U.S., why they come, the process by which they are allowed in, where they settle, their impact on the economy, and the "nuts and bolts" of U.S. immigration policy. Immigration is presented within an historical context and through firsthand accounts and role-playing activities. Grade level: Middle School, High School, adult. First edition 1997, Second edition 2004.
Cost: $15.00


"Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America" - Video and Fact Sheets
Video (11 minutes) brings a historical, factual and personal perspective to immigration issues and features compelling stories of five immigrants. Fact sheets address impact of immigrants on the U.S. economy, labor market and society. First edition 1998, Second edition 2004. 
Cost: $35.00


The Myths and Facts of Immigration: An Informational Packet
This concise informational packet includes: "myth/fact" sheets on immigration, personal profiles of immigrants and refugees, and articles. (This is the same informational packet that comes with the video & study guide "The Energy of A Nation"). First edition 1996, Second edition 2004  
Cost: $5.00


"Energy of a Nation" Combination Set -- Includes Curriculum, Video and Fact Sheets   Save $5.00 when you purchase the set!

This educational resource set includes the "Energy of a Nation" curriculum and video, as well as the informational packet with additional resources regarding US immigration.  Second edition 2004.

Cost: $50


"Justice Mechanisms Globally and Locally" -- Curriculum

Coming soon!!  Check in Sept/Oct 2004


Also see free lesson plans and activities from Minnesota Advocates' "Rights Sites" teachers.

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