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Governor's Report Targets Costs, Ignores Benefits of Immigration to Minnesota
12/21/2005 3:05 PM

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty released "The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Minnesota: Costs and Population Trends," on December 8, 2005.  The report, prepared by the Office of Strategic Planning & Results Management, fails to address the benefits of immigration to Minnesota's economy and appears timed to coincide with state and national legislative initiatives.

The Office of the State Demographer did not participate in the report and issued a statement directing any questions to the Department of Administration, which oversees the office preparing the report.

Experts estimate that undocumented immigrants contribute $1.56 billion to Minnesota's economy annually. 

To learn  more about the contributions of immigrants to the state and national economy, go to Minnesota Advocates' B.I.A.S. Project, the American Immigration Law Foundation, and Dr. Bruce Corrie's Ethnic Trends blogspot.