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Human Rights Education Links: Activities and Information for Students
  • Derechos
  • Diana: An International Human Rights Database
  • Human Rights Internet
  • Derechos
    This site contains information on specific prisoner cases, letter-writing actions, mailing lists, and human rights organizations, mainly but not exclusively focusing on Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas.  Information is provided in both English and Spanish.

    Diana: An International Human Rights Database
    Diana is a joint project of several schools, it brings together different sites and each site contains a unique archive of human rights information.  The site has links to other human rights sites on the Internet.

    Human Rights Internet
    This site, based in Canada, contains listings of resources, funding sources for projects, human rights background information and documents, and human rights education materials.  They have listings of human rights seminars, internships, courses, and schools offering human-rights related programs.  Also included are syllabi of human rights courses taught around the world at post-secondary institutions.