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Human Rights Education Links: Minnesota Education Links
  • Center for Victims of Torture
  • Friends for a Non-Violent World
  • Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers
  • Center for Victims of Torture
    The Center for Victims of Torture provides direct care to survivors of politically-motivated torture and members of their families. This site offers information about the organization and its training programs, resources, as well as statistical data and research concerning victims of torture.

    Friends for a Non-Violent World
    This site includes descriptions of Friends for a Non-Violent World programs and activities such as People Camp and the Alternatives to Violence Project.  It also lists other human rights related web resources.

    Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers
    The Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers is a conglomeration of organizations working for peace.  The purpose of the Alliance is to provide a vehicle through which organizations devoted to the causes of peace and justice can pool their resources, insights, ideas and strategies to promote common goals.  This website includes their mission statement and information abouttheir activities.