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Human Rights Education Program Mission
The mission of the Education Program is to promote and develop the practice of human rights education in professional organizations, schools, community groups, and individuals throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. We accomplish this through recruitment, training, direction and support of teachers, adult volunteers and emerging student activists. We share information—by providing written resources, speakers, and technical assistance—about refugee and immigrant issues from global, national, and local perspectives. We also create, pilot and disseminate curricular resources for use in human rights education throughout the United States. The three main purposes of our work are: 1) To motivate students to work for the benefit of others fostering equality and human dignity; 2) To provide educational opportunities where students experience personal success and recognize their value as persons; and 3) To foster connections between learning about human rights and practicing human responsibilities in the community. Understanding of human rights and responsibilities changes attitudes and behaviors to realize a more just society.