Human Rights Monitoring Tools

The work of human rights monitoring is designed to provide objective, well-supported information about the human rights practices of governments, businesses, private groups and organizations, etc., so as to provide a basis for advocacy and future protection of human rights. The materials listed below outline the tools and best practices used by groups and individuals around the world to bring human rights violations to light and to hold those responsible for human rights violations accountable.  

Familiar Tools, Emerging Issues: Adapting traditional human rights monitoring to emerging issues

Author: The Advocates for Human Rights' Deputy Director Jennifer Prestholdt

Date: 2004

Liberia TRC Diaspora Project Volunteer Training Manual

Author: The Advocates for Human Rights

Date: 2007

Monitoring Manuals & Documentation Software from HURIDOCS

Author: Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems, International

Date: current website, publications range from 1994-2005

United Nations Training Manual on Human Rights Monitoring

Author: UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Date: 2001

Rule of Law Tools for Post Conflict States

Author: UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights 

Date: 2006