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In U.S. Communities

The Advocates for Human Rights provides and promotes quality education on a wide range of human rights topics, for diverse audiences, through a variety of means, including:

  • One Voice Minnesota
    The One Voice Minnesota Anti-Bias Initiative combats anti-immigrant sentiment that exists today, while working to create long-term policy change that addresses the root causes of inequity faced by refugees and immigrants.
  • Events, Lectures and Conferences
    The Advocates for Human Rights holds many events and national conferences that bring human rights experts together to discuss and strategize human rights issues ranging from education and labor to refugees and women.  
  • Film Series
    Each year The Advocates for Human Rights provides a public space for dialogue on human rights issues through films and film series' that include post-film conversations. 
  • MN State Fair
    SInce 2005 The Advocates for Human Rights has sponsored a booth at one of the largest state fair's in the nation to highlight important human rights issues.
  • Online Resources
    The Advocates for Human Rights provides free and easy-to-access information and resources online. Check out our websites: Stop Violence Against Women, Energy of a Nation, and Discover Human Rights
  • Advocacy and Legal Reform
    The Advocates for Human Rights is dedicated to raising awareness about important human rights issues in the United States.  As part of our work, we conduct public awareness campaigns on a variety of important issues, including, immigration, economic rights, and torture. 
  • Speakers Bureaus
    The Advocates for Human Rights staff and volunteers are available to present to groups on a wide variety of human rights topics. 
  • Training and Presentations
    The Advocates for Human Rights provides training on human rights education, immigration and asylum, women's rights, and other topics to equip people to advocate for human rights.