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International Women's Day Mission Statement
The purpose of the International Women's Day event is:

 A.     To recognize International Women's Day with a celebration of the diversity of Minnesota women and an educational program that increases understanding and tolerance of the different backgrounds of women living in our community; and

 B.     To increase recognition of the relevance of international women's human rights on the local level by focusing on the following areas of concern for the advancement of women articulated by the United Nations:

1.        Women and Poverty

2.        Education and Training of Women

3.        Women and Health

4.        Violence Against Women

5.        Women and Armed Conflict

6.        Women and the Economy

7.        Women in Power and Decision-Making

8.        Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women

9.        Human Rights of Women

10.      Women and the Media

11.      Women and the Environment

12.      The Girl Child; and

C.     To involve volunteers in educational programs to promote the advancement of women and the acceptance of internationally recognized human rights standards; and

D.     To raise awareness in Minnesota of the ways International Women's Day is celebrated around the world.