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Issues Affecting Women
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Sex Trafficking


Sex Trafficking Needs Assessment for the State of Minnesota (full report); Executive Summary; Appendices 
(Originally published September 2008; revised edition October 2008)

Sex trafficking violates women and children’s basic human rights, including the right to be free from slavery and slavery-like practices; the right to equal protection under the law; the right to be free from discrimination based on race, nationality, and gender; and the rights to life, security of person and freedom from torture.  Governments also violate trafficked persons’ rights when they fail to prevent sex trafficking, prosecute perpetrators or provide trafficked persons with effective remedies for these violations, such as access to courts and legal immigration status.


At the request of the State of Minnesota’s Human Trafficking Task Force, The Advocates for Human Rights has prepared and published a needs assessment on sex trafficking in Minnesota.  The report examines the government response to this issue at the local, state, tribal and federal levels; identifies facilities and services currently available to trafficking victims in Minnesota; assesses their effectiveness; and makes recommendations for coordinating services to better meet the needs of sex trafficking victims statewide.

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Trafficking in Women: Moldova and Ukraine
Documents the trafficking of women for the commercial sex industry as a human rights violation in both Moldova and Ukraine. The report analyzes the mechanisms of trafficking in both countries and the NGO and governmental response to the problem, including information on Moldovan and Ukrainian law. The report also addresses the obligations of the Moldovan and Ukrainian government under international law. 2000
Cost: $10.00

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Tajikistan (October 2008)
Domestic violence is a serious problem in Tajikistan.  In November 2005 and April 2006, The Advocates for Human Rights sent delegations to Tajikistan to investigate the government and community response to domestic violence.  The delegations conducted over one hundred interviews of domestic violence survivors, national and local government representatives, judges, prosecutors, members of the militia, doctors, religious leaders, attorneys, representatives of non-governmental organizations, representatives of international organizations, academics and a journalist.  Once the interviews were completed, The Advocates drafted a human rights report that analyzes the response of both the criminal justice system and civil law to the problem of domestic violence, outlines Tajikistan’s obligations under international law, and includes recommendations for addressing this human rights violation.  The Advocates has also compiled an addendum, which provides a two-year update of current conditions and new developments in Tajikistan since the initial draft of the report.  The report is being released in conjunction with The Advocates’ delegation to Tajikistan in October 2008.