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Minnesota Advocates' Client Wins Asylum Thanks to U.S. Bank Volunteers
11/22/2006 12:09 PM


A team of attorneys at U.S. Bancorp won asylum before the Bloomington Immigration Court for a young man fleeing Tibet.  Attorneys Karen Canon, Terri Duchenes, and Suzette Schommer began working with Mr. J- in the summer of 2005.  Mr. J- sought representation from Minnesota Advocates after his application for asylum was not granted by the Chicago Asylum Office and he was placed in removal proceedings.

Mr. J-, a political activist against the Chinese occupation of Tibet, fled his country after being arrested, detained, and tortured for over five months.  During the initial days of confinement, Mr. J- was interrogated and beaten severely, suffering permanent injury.  He later was transferred to a labor camp and released under condition that he not leave his home village.

Through the outstanding legal advocacy by the U.S. Bancorp team, Mr. J- was granted asylum by the Immigration Judge.  The government waived appeal.  Mr. J- continues to be represented by the U.S. Bancorp team in his efforts to bring his family to the United States.