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NGO Resources
Grantseeking is often misunderstood as a simple search for funding. While obtaining financial support is certainly the primary goal of grantseeking, grantseeking is also an extension of the organization's work and part of the continuing process of building partnerships both within the local community and with donors. As the Paladin Group explains, the "most important" factors funders consider in reviewing applications include project purpose, feasibility, community need for the project, applicant accountability, and competence of the organization. Other "important" factors include project logic, probable impact, money needed, and community support. Each of these factors can be established only through an investment of resources and energy over time. Many of these factors flow from other work an organization may already be doing—for example, evaluating and revising its mission statement may help a NGO identify areas of need and define a clear project purpose. In other words, an organization is always in the process of grantseeking—whether it is researching potential funders, establishing contacts with donor organizations, assessing its own progress, evaluating community need, or developing collaborative relationships with other NGOs. (excerpt cited from: STOPVAW)

Minnesota Advocates does not provide direct assistance, but frequently gets requests from NGOs around the world looking for resources. To this end, Minnesota Advocates has developed a list of potential resources available to NGOs. Minnesota Advocates cannot, however, provide assistance with obtaining any of these resources



Computers and Other Technology, Website Design Services and Training


All Other In-Kind Goods

Medical Assistance

HIV/AIDS Treatment Donor Organizations

Assistance Requests for Projects or Consultants

Institutional Capacity Building

Human Rights Education Resource Materials