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Web Resource Links for Human Rights Related Issues


Coalition Against Aids Foundation For Kids 
The numbers of adults and kids who live with AIDS around the globe are available here. You can also go to links about treatment and find current events.

Human Rights Watch
This website explains how being infected with HIV/AIDS can be an abuse of one’s human rights. There are links to articles with the latest news about HIV/AIDS around the world. An explanation of why research and documenting human rights violations are important and how people can be protected from human rights violations.

Children of Uganda Tour of Light
These children perform to raise money for their orphanage and awareness for the impact of AIDS on the children of Africa. They remind us that there can be resiliency amidst loss, promise out of devastation and real hope from surviving some of life's most difficult challenges.



Medecins Sans Frontiers
Bracelet of Life Campaign. Students can see how doctors use this bracelet to test fro malnutrition.

Refugee Camp Virtual Tour

The United Nations High Commission of Refugees

Magic: Children 
The media includes TV, radio, newspapers, websites and more. Learn about your rights, make your way in the media and have your say.

Voices of Youth
This is a global website for young people to explore, discuss and take action on issues that affect them.


This website is for current and former gang members who are seeking a supportive, healthier community beyond the gang. It showcases gang poetry, artwork, and discussion boards – proving that gang members are talented, creative youth eager to share their stories.

Helping Gang Youth
The author specifically targets Native American communities but it is applicable to all youth. This site has practical advice on creating support networks for young people who are in gangs or are former members.

Mix It Up
A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Mix It Up is an action kit designed to get kids thinking about cliques in their schools and encourage them to “mix it up” in the cafeteria, on the playground and in the streets.

National Youth Gang Center
This site has statistics about gangs in the U.S.  Its up-to-date information helps to dispel common misperceptions about gangs and gang members.

Pacer Center’s Kids Against Bullying
Play games, watch videos, enter contests, read other kids’ experiences and learn how to spot and stop bullying.

Southern Poverty Law Center
This site contains articles and resources that teach about poverty and discrimination. The curriculum, “The Power of Words” uses simple exercises to teach about common misperceptions and stereotypes.

Stop Bullying Now
Interactive website designed to teach students how to identify, prevent, and recover from bullying. It includes original “webisodes” – mini cartoons that depict examples of bullying.



Human Rights Watch
Morocco: “Hidden” Child Workers Face Abuse



Amnesty International
This organization is involved in a campaign against children being used as soldiers. Their website has links to articles and resources focused on bringing awareness to child soldiers.

Coalition To Stop The Use Of Child Soldiers
This website exposes the use of child soldiers in many countries and seeks o end the practice, as well as find ways to integrate child soldiers back into their communities.
This Canadian website for students and teachers includes well-laid out and easy to read information in 8 languages.

Free The Children
Youth in Action! Children Helping Children. This website provides lots of information, firsthand quotes from child victims, useful links, as well as inspiration and guides to take action. Youth Ambassadors for Peace website.

Human Rights Watch
This site explains the factors that make children vulnerable to being soldiers and how you can help stop this practice. Their detailed report about child soldiers in West Africa, “Youth, Poverty and Blood: The Lethal Legacy of West Africa’s Regional Warriors” is available..

The Red Cross
This website is devoted specifically to children in war. The Red Cross is dedicated to providing children in war zones with food, water, and health care, as well as making efforts to reunite lost children with their families. Preventing the use of children as soldiers is a primary concern of the Red Cross in areas of conflict.

State Of The World’s Children Report 1996 UNICEF
This report details the impact of armed conflict on children. Report of the Expert of the Secretary General, Ms. Graca Mahel can be obtained from this website.

War Child
This alternative website features concerts, music, photo expositions and other artistic rebuttals to children in war.

Voices of Child Soldiers


Beyond Intractability
The goal of the Beyond Intractability (BI) system is to make information on conflict resolution and stories from those who have solved similar problems more widely and freely accessible, so people aren't forced to "reinvent the wheel" when making a peace building effort.

Conflict Resolution Network
CRN’s vision is to create conflict-resolving community in a culture of peace and social justice. Conflict Resolution builds stronger and more cohesive organizations and more rewarding relationships. CRN makes Conflict Resolution skills, strategies and attitudes more readily and universally accessible.

Teen and Young Adult Health  
Click on Teen (12-17) or Young Adult (18-25) Health and then search under "Conflict Resolution.: A simple start to understanding conflict resolution. Tips offered for creating healthy relationships and positive lifestyle choices. Topics include relationships gangs, parenting, employment, society, drugs, media, homelessness and more.

The individual who created is committed to a mission of telling others that war is not necessary. Through this site you can read personal motivations for why violence is not necessary, read about the roots of nonviolence as peruse the pacifist’s dictionary and primer.

The Southern Poverty Law Center created Tolerance. Look here for daily news about groups and individuals working for tolerance and fighting hate; guidebooks for adult and youth activists; practical resources for parents and teachers; and educational games for young children.

Training for Change 
TFC makes their training manuals available for activist trainers. Activities are categorized into these groups: Diversity/Anti-Oppression, Strategy, Team Building, Nonviolent Action for Social Change, Third Party Nonviolent Intervention, Making Better Trainings, Meeting and Dialogue Facilitation.


 DEATH PENALTY                            

Amnesty International – Stop Child Executions!
This site includes a campaign to stop child executions, details specific cases involving the death penalty and child offenders.

The Bill of Rights Institute
This site provides free lesson plans, education resources, landmark cases and founding documents about the death penalty.

Criminal Justice Reform, Error Rates in Capital Cases
This criminal justice reform site includes studies, articles, events and the death penalty in pop culture.

Death Penalty and Juveniles
The ABA describes recent cases involving juveniles and the death penalty. Includes topics such as: girls in the juvenile justice system, current events and general information on juvenile justice and the death penalty.

History of the Death Penalty
This site describes laws about the death penalty from an historical perspective, details changes that have been made over time, and current issues.

Students Against the Death Penalty
This site provides students with news and resources about the death penalty in general. Specifically it includes topics on: juvenile offenders, race, economic status, presidential candidates’ stances, a message board and ways that students can get involved.

Age level: Upper Middle School, High School



Human Rights Watch – Singapore: Domestic Workers Suffer Grave Abuses
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka all have reports of domestic workers being abused.



Artists Against Racism
This is a website a way for artists to act as role models who want to prevent racism. They post news, events and ways to get involved in teaching people all people are one regardless of race, ethnicity and skin color.

National Geographic Kids
This site shows a short movie about the Under Ground Railroad, a passage from south to north leading thousands of slaves to freedom.

One World Many Rights
This is a youth friendly site explaining human rights, the Declaration of Human Rights, and Convention on the Rights of the Child. They also have recommendations of things to do to promote human rights in your community and links to UNICEF resources.

Planet Tolerance
This website has links to stories about equality, an historical timeline and games to get kids thinking about equal rights.


Do Something
This website has free membership for people of all ages. Their goal is to motivate people to focus on community building, health and the environment. They offer challenges for kids to practice kindness and justice everyday. Here kids can read other people’s ideas and tell others what they are doing.

Times for Kids
Here you can read about the famed civil rights leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.


This website has new information about homelessness in the United Kingdom. You can learn about the work they do, read young people’s stories, and learn how to get involved in fighting homelessness.

Cyber School Bus
The idea of water as a human right was the topic of discussion at the 2005 Student Conference on Human Rights. Here you can read statistics on the number of people who do not have clean water to use and how that affects their health and way of life.

You can also read the Student Plan of Action at:



PBS Kids
This link has a list of books to read about why prisons exist, why people have to live in prison and offer stories about children whose parent(s) lives in prison and they have limited times to visit their parent(s).          

Human Rights Watch 



PBS Kids - Anne Hutchinson
The Trial of Anne Hutchison is an example of a woman who went to court without a lawyer to help her stand up for her right to her own religious beliefs, back in colonial days.

PBS Kids - September 11th
September 11th: Celebrate Diversity is an article about Muslim and Arab Americans who were bullied for sharing the same faith practices as the terrorists.



Greater Minnesota Housing Fund
This link will connect you to a brief film and radio commentary about people living outside of the Twin Cities. Here you will see images and learn about the people who are living in poverty and have poor living conditions.


National Geographic Kids
This site shows a short movie about the Under Ground Railroad, a passage from south to north leading thousands of slaves to freedom.

Remembering Slavery
This site allows you to hear original recordings and dramatic readings of personal stories of living in slavery.


Right to Play
Right To Play is an athlete-driven international humanitarian organization that uses sports and play as a tool for the development of children and youth in disadvantaged areas of the world. Right To Play is committed to improving the lives of these children and to strengthening their communities by translating the best practices of sport and play into opportunities to promote development, health and peace. 

Singapore Sports School
This school was started in 2004 to provide athletic students a chance to continue their studies and practice their sports too.You can find answers to the frequently asked questions at:



Human Rights Watch
This article shares the stories of eight people who were held by the U.S. in a secret prison in Afghanistan. The detainees (prisoners) were arrested in several countries and flown to the secret prison where they were tortured for information.

Human Rights Education Associates
This website provides comprehensive information about the rights of youth and children. Here you can find an introduction about who children are and the rights at risk (child labor, sexual exploitation, child soldiers, and juvenile justice). It is followed by groups that protect and promote child rights as well as advocacy and learning materials. See this source to read about International Day of the African child.



Cadre, The National Center on Dispute Resolution
This is a bilingual (English and Spanish) resource for articles, training resources and more for mediators. The site includes an online database of special education conflict resolution professionals, a State Data Management System and procedures and tips on conflict resolution.

Conflict Resolution Institute
A source of comprehensive teaching packages and award winning videos for purchase by school and teachers (all materials are avail in Eng and Spanish). It also offers faculty, student and parent training in conflict resolution,. There are a few articles describing other schools’ experiences with the program.

PBS Teacher Source
This site features over 4,000 free lesson plans and activities on any subject. There are health & fitness, social science and arts & literature lessons for conflict resolution. The site also includes activities about bullies that incorporate math, reading, writing and social sciences, as well as activities on international justice using math and social science.


SEARCH  engines for youth

PBS Kids