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Our Operating Principles
The success of The Advocates for Human Rights is based upon:

  • A commitment to work impartially and independently to promote and protect international human rights;
  • Innovative and flexible programs that include investigation, representation, training and education, to offer concrete opportunities to promote international human rights;
  • Dedicated volunteers who devote their skills and energy to projects that support human rights;
  • Cooperative relationships with the United Nations as well as other non-governmental organizations working to protect human rights;
  • Strategic alliances with local, national and international agencies whose work complements and supports our mission;
  • Partnership building with local groups to build relationships in order to educate the community about and protect human rights;
  • A generous and receptive community that is the basis of the organization's volunteer and financial support;
  • Talented and committed employees, board members and interns who represent the organization with clients, colleagues, donors and the public.