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Voice from Silence: Personal Accounts of the Long-Term Impact of 9/11

The Advocates for Human Rights' report "Voices from Silence: Personal Accounts of the Long-Term Impact of 9/11" details the impact of 9/11 on the lives of immigrants, refugees, and religious minorities in Minnesota. The report documents personal stories of fear and discrimination in a post-9/11 environment and contextualizes them with an overview of laws and policies that have affected these communities.

“We heard repeated stories of persisting prejudice from clients and colleagues who did not feel safe in speaking out,” says Robin Phillips, executive director of The Advocates for Human Rights. “This report provides a forum for individuals to finally expose the stories they have been too afraid to tell.”

Personal accounts are followed by an outline of state and federal laws that have affected immigrants, refugees, and religious minorities. Pointing to the effect that these laws and policies have had on the experiences of those interviewed, the report calls for the protection of human rights of all and for consideration of the silenced voices in future policy debates about national security, counterterrorism, civil liberties, and immigration.


Download the report: "Voices from Silence: Personal Accounts of the Long-Term Impact of 9/11"

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Download the transcript of the Feb. 22, 2007 Press Conference.


Statement by Robin Phillips, Executive Director of The Advocates

Media Advisory from Congressman Keith Ellison

Statement by Senator Amy Klobuchar

Statement by Representative Karen Clark

News Release from Representative Carlos Mariani

Statement by Senator Sandy Pappas

Statement by Representative Steve Simon

Statement by Mayor R.T. Rybak

Statement by Transportation Security Administration