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Pratt Community School
Pratt student's artwork.

Kindergarten, first and second grade students at Pratt Community School took a fun approach to human rights education through learning about the culture of Nigeria.  As part of a collaboration with Annenberg, ArtStretch, The Advocates and the Cultural Center of Minnesota, the dedicated teachers of Pratt wove pieces of the Nigerian culture into their spring curriculum in subjects such as the arts, geography, reading, and writing.  Students learned facts about general country conditions of Nigeria with an emphasis on human rights, as well as learning about the art and culture of the country.  Students enjoyed constructing artwork such as clothes and replicas of traditional Nigerian homes.


The classes worked with Roxanne Wallace, dancer and Chico Perez, a local musician, for six weeks in April and May.  Towards the end of the school year, the artists helped the students rehearse and perform a traditional folk tale, complete with African drumming, traditional dance, and singing.  The students successfully performed the piece for parents, family, and friends on May 23, 2002.  The emphasis on learning about a different culture was an important way of celebrating the diverse student population at Pratt Community School.  "At Pratt, our basis for teaching is respect," says Felicia Marr, one of the teachers

PRATTF~1.GIF - Students rehearse Nigerian drumming.
Students rehearse Nigerian drumming.
who organized the project and performance.


Pratt Community School
66 Malcolm Av. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414  


The Mission:
1) Accelerate the academic achievements of all Pratt students;
2) Develop mutual trust and involvement with students, families and the community; and
3) Everyone is accountable for student learning.


The School:
Pratt started with one kindergarten class and one first grade class in 2000 and plans on adding a grade each year until it goes up to fifth grade. Students come from the neighborhoods around the school, which shares its space with the Pratt Community Center.  Approximately 30% of the students receive ELL services,

Students rehearsing for their performance.
and over half of the students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.  Pratt works with Tuttle School, its older sister school, sharing a principal and several staff members. At Pratt, there is an emphasis on arts and technology in the classroom.  Pratt is a World Peace Site.




Teachers Involved:
Kari Page: (Rights Sites supporting administrator)
Felicia Marr: Grade 1 (social studies, reading, visual arts)


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