The Advocates' Publications

The Advocates offers a variety of publications to help researchers, educators, students, advocates, human rights practitioners, community organizations, and the general public gain a better understanding of human rights. 

Annual Reports - Annual overviews of the work and achievements of The Advocates and its many supporters

Curricula - Human rights curriculum based on findings from on-the-ground human rights work

Fact Sheets - Condensed, downloadable fact sheets containing information on the definition of various rights, their origin, and U.S. progress in upholding those rights

Human Rights Reports - The Advocates has published 75 reports on the human rights conditions in 25 different countries.

Newsletters - Updates and tips on human rights education, women's human rights, and The Advocates

Training Manual - The Advocates 2009 Pro Bono Asylum Representation Manual

Additional Resources - Toolkits, powerpoints, quizzes, and more