The B.I.A.S. Project
Building Immigrant Awareness and Support:
a campaign to combat anti-immigrant sentiment

The B.I.A.S. Project (Building Immigrant Awareness and Support) is a campaign to combat anti-immigrant sentiment through providing accurate information about the numbers and impact of immigrants on the U.S. economy, labor market, and society. The Project confronts misinformation and stereotypes in an educational, media and public affairs campaign.

In a climate of economic and social concerns, immigrants often become scapegoats. This type of inaccurate rhetoric fueled public support for two harmful laws passed in 1996 that restrict the rights and benefits historically available to refugees and legal immigrants. Working closely with immigrant and non-immigrant communities, the Project confronts the dangerous misperceptions about immigration and addresses the legislative onslaught by providing workshops, training, informational resources, and strategies to equip organizations and individuals with effective tools with which to advocate and educate.

If you are interested in serving on the B.I.A.S. Project’s Speakers Bureau or in arranging for a B.I.A.S. presentation, contact Therese Gales at [email protected].

The B.I.A.S. Project offers:

Youth Education: Curriculum guides, videos, and teacher training;

Student Workshops:   interactive sessions address past and current immigration and highlight personal stories on immigration;

Workshops on immigration law:  informational programs for immigrants and non-immigrants;

Videos: Historical, factual, and personal perspectives on immigration;

Speakers Bureau: Experts discuss immigration facts and policy, immigrants tell their own stories;

Poster Campaign: Compelling photographs and artwork on refugees and xenophobia;

Teacher Training: Strategies for teaching about immigration; links to new Minnesota Graduation Standards;

Myth/Fact Sheets: outlining the  impact of immigrants on the labor market, the economy, and the welfare system;

Law Summaries: describing recent legislation affecting immigrants and refugees;

Personal Profiles: Immigrants and refugees share their stories of fleeing persecution, reuniting with families, and contributing to American society;

Library: containing comprehensive collection of curriculum guides and  studies on immigration facts, law and policy;

Media Projects: Provides communities and reporters with reliable information to ensure objective, accurate coverage;

Consulting: Focus groups, strategy development, and training.

Staff development for service providers: continuing education sessions for service providers, attorneys, and others wanting to learn more about immigrants, refugees, and immigration.

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