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Right to Education Conference Materials

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Articles and PowerPoints

Session 1: Education as a Human Right

Education as a Human Right, PowerPoint, Elizabeth Sullivan, NESRI

The Justiciability of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in the U.S.- Domestic Implementation of the Right to Education, Global Rights

Education by Rights, Yes Magazine, Liz Sullivan and Cecelia Blewer

Session 2: The Current State of Education

Leaving No Child, School, or Community Behind , Scott Abernathy

Parent's guide to No Child Left Behind , Wrightslaw, Susan Heath

No Child Left Behind Fact Sheet: What Parents of English Language Learners Need to Know, Bloomington Public Schools

Evaluating No Child Left Behind, The Nation, Linda Darling-Hammond

Session 3: Identifying Barriers to Accessing Education in the U.S.

Racial and Economic Segregation in Schools: Barrier to Quality and Equality in Education, PowerPoint, Baris Gumus-Dawes

2006 State of Students of Color Report, Executive Summary, Minnesota Minority Education Partnership

The Choice is Ours: Expanding Educational Opportunity for all Twin Cities childiren, Institute on Race and Poverty

Fifty Years after Brown v. Board of Education: A Two Tiered Education System Executive Summary, National Commission on Teaching and America's Future

African American Achievement in America, Fact Sheet, Education Trust

Latino Achievement in America, Fact Sheet, Education Trust

Notice of Procedural Safeguards: Parental Rights for Public School Special Education Students, Minnesota Department of Education

Involving Immigrant Parents of Students with Disabilities in the Educational Process, Council for Exceptional Child, Suha al-Hassan and Ralph Garder III

Early Childhood Development: Economic Development with a High Public Return, FedGazette, Gederal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Art Roinick and Rob Grunewald

Session 4: Addressing the Barrier to Equitable Access to Education

Addressing the Barriers to Equitable Access to Education: St. Paul's Contributions, St. Paul Board of Education, Anne Carrol

Reframing School Discipline through Human Rights Standard, Children's Rights Litiation Committee, Liz Sullivan

New LAUSD discipline policy is first step to positive behavior, not just punishment, Learning Power News, Christine O'Keefe

"This is My Home" Learning Resources Tool Kit to "Educate and Eliminate" discrimination, Minnesota Department of Human Rights Online Newspaper

Blacked Out, City Pages, Britt Robson

Additional Resources

Quiz PowerPoint, Kathleen O'Donnell

Education of Homeless Children and Youth, Fact Sheet #10, National Coalition for the Homeless

Not Your Parents' Breakfast Club: After-School Clubs, School Districts, and Disaffected Groups, The Hennepin Lawyer, Phillip J. Trobaugh

Funding Gaps 2006, Education Trust, Goodwin Liu, Ross Wiener, Eli Pristoop, and Marguerite Roza

Federal Model Policy on the Civil Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Student, California Women's Law Center

A Shared Responsibility: Staffing All High-Poverty, Low-Performing Schools with Effective Teachers and Administrators, A Framework for Action (2005), Learning First Alliance