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Special Exhibit at the 13th Annual International Women's Day Celebration - March 15, 2008


Come Face to Face with the History of Women


In the Reception Area next to the President’s Room on the 3rd floor of Coffman Union, plan to view "Voices and Images of Women", an exhibit of history posters and framed photographs of local, national and international women in history.


This exhibit represents only a fraction of the Voices and Images collection, consisting of over 2000 women in 1400 pieces with accompanying biographies.  Artists, writers, scientists, inventors, politicians, suffragists, athletes, educators, aviators, pioneers, workers, as well as women of African, Native, Asian and Latin ethnicity are acknowledged and celebrated.


For girls and women of all ages, these powerful images provide a positive alternative to the negative, sexualized images that saturate today's mass media.  These images also reveal an untold history, and some women report feeling saddened as they view the faces and names that they have never known.  Most viewers are surprised but inspired and affirmed as they learn of the many, diverse and unrecognized contributions that women have made.


Come see for yourself.  Celebrate these stories of courage and determination!


The “Voices and Images of Women” collection has been generously shared with IWD participants for many years by Luella Greene.