Special Procedures is the general name given to the mechanisms established by the Commission on Human Rights and assumed by the Human Rights Council to address either specific country situations or thematic issues in all parts of the world. There are currently more than 30 thematic and 8 country mandates.  The Human Rights Council can assign a Special Procedures mandate to either an individual (special rapporteur, representative or independent expert) or a working group. Special Procedures mandate holders examine, monitor, advise and publicly report on human rights situations. Activities may include responding to individual complaints, conducting studies, making country visits, and engaging in general education and promotional activities.  Special Procedures mandate holders do not receive financial compensation, but are supported in their work by staff of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.  See the OHCHR website for more information.

The Advocates provides information from our fact-finding, reporting and human rights monitoring work directly to these experts to faciliate their work in enforcing human rights protections.