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St. Paul Creative Arts High School
The play put on at St. Paul Creative Arts

A group of students at Saint Paul Creative Arts High School worked with puppetry and theater artist Maila Burkhart to conduct a puppetry residency entitled "Puppets for Peace Action."  The students brainstormed what issue(s) they wanted to highlight, and they chose the issue of corporate responsibility, focusing specifically on the practices of Phillip Morris Companies Inc.  The high school students recruited some younger kids to participate, and the entire group rehearsed and carried out a public performance at Intermedia Arts.  Other students at the school performed original works of poetry with the help of a local spoken word artist.   


St. Paul Creative Arts School
1037 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104


The School:
100 students, grades 9-12.


*Wendy Lacska - program coordinator (Rights Sites supporting administrator)
*Sherry Kempf - English and Human Rights  

 2003 interview with teacher Sherry Kempf  
 2002 interview with teacher Sherry Kempf  
 Course requirements  
 Student-created play script