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The B.I.A.S. Project - Building Immigrant Awareness and Support

The B.I.A.S. Project (Building Immigrant Awareness and Support) is an educational campaign that works in communities and classrooms to build thriving diverse communities. Through the B.I.A.S. Project we:

  • Educate and raise awareness about immigration and immigration-related issues. 
  • Assist educators, business professionals, service providers, and others to create schools, workplaces, and communities that welcome and support immigrants and refugees.
  • Advocate for policies that are supportive of refugees and immigrants and promote healthy, vibrant communities.
  • Empower new Americans as they adjust in their new communities.

The B.I.A.S. Project has the following resources available:

Online Resources

Teaching Resources

Community Resources

Professional Development Resources

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In the Community at the Fair
Over 1,600,000 people visit the Minnesota State Fair annually. 

Fact Sheets
The B.I.A.S. Project offers many Fact Sheets designed to address the common concerns arising during the immigration debate.  The fact sheets include links to the sources from which the facts were drawn.