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The Human Rights Education Program
Since 1992, The Advocates for Human Rights’ Education Program has been a local and national leader in bringing the principles of international human rights to the classroom and community. Its dual focus - international and local human rights – is unique and highly valued by consumers worldwide.

The Advocates for Human Rights began providing human rights education to K-12 schools, the community and professionals based on the premise that educating about human rights and responsibilities is the most important way to ensure long-term improvements in respect for human rights in the United States and around the world.

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  • Our Education Work in Schools
  • Our Education Work in the Local and National Communities
  • Our Education Work in Professional Settings
  • Our Education Work Internationally

"The Advocates has undertaken pioneering work in the emerging field of human rights education and is one of the organizations at the forefront of developing programs that pave the way for human rights education locally and in the United States." --Independent Evaluator, 2006


Our Human Rights Education Projects

Our Human Rights Education Resources

The Importance of Human Rights Education
"...The more people know their own rights, and the more they respect those of others, the better the chance that they will live together in peace. Only when people are educated about human rights can we hope to prevent human rights violations, and thus prevent conflict as well." --Kofi Annan, Dec. 10, 2000