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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Peru
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission

On June 4, 2001 President Panaguia signed Supreme Decree No. 065-2001-PCM, which established  “La Comisión de la Verdad” and appointed 7 highly respected Peruvian citizens as Commissioners. The Commission’s mandated objectives were to: 

  • Determine the causes of the violence Peru experienced between May 1980 and November 2000;
  • Contribute to the clarification of the crimes and human rights violations perpetrated during this period;
  • Identify, to the best of its abilities, those responsible for these violent acts;
  • Elaborate proposals for the reparation and dignification of the victims and their families;
  • Recommend the implementation of reform as preventive measures; and
  • Establish follow-up mechanisms for its recommendations

The Commission commenced its work in September of 2001 with five regional offices.   During its nearly two years of operation, the Commission focused its work on four areas:  1) National Context of Violence; 2) Investigation and Clarification of Facts; 3) Consequences, Reparations and Reconciliation; and 4) Communications and Education.