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What's New
Reques to Include Ringleaders of Sendero Luminoso in Pursuit for the Killing of Lucanamarca
10/21/2005 12:30 PM

Protection is Requested for the Ex President of CVR
10/21/2005 12:25 PM

Retrial for Imprisoned Leader of Peru's Shining Path Movement
10/19/2004 1:05 PM

Japan Considers it "Premature" to Take Fujimori Case to ICJ
10/6/2004 10:30 AM

Salomón Lerner Requests that They Immediately Extradite Telmo Hurtado Hurtado
10/5/2004 10:30 AM

Amnesty International Releases Report on the CVR
8/26/2004 2:10 PM

Executive Allocates Budget for Reparations
8/25/2004 10:35 AM

Special Human Rights Tribunal will be Created
8/24/2004 3:35 PM

Editorial: Democracy, Authoritarianism and Corruption
8/23/2004 2:00 PM

The Government has not Implemented the Recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
8/23/2004 11:30 AM