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Afternoon Workshops

Empowering Women in the United Nations: Gender Equity Architecture Reform (GEAR)

This workshop will explore the formation of the UN's latest body on women's rights, GEAR. We will have an explanation of what it does and why it's different and important. We will then have a mock meeting of this new body with students playing members of the body and students representing member states being questioned by the body. We will explore the women's rights issues being addressed at present by the body. There will be audience interaction with questions throughout the workshop.

Presenters: Jennifer Harrington, Hanan Lohr, Alyssa Mitchell, Aimee Jungmann and Alia Bukhowa, United Nations Student Association, University of Minnesota

Constitutional Protection for Gender Equality: Is an Equal Rights Amendment Still Necessary for Minnesota, the U.S. and the World?

Do women have fully protected equality in Minnesota? In the U.S? Why hasn’t the United States ratified the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the world’s most complete international agreement on basic human rights for women? 

Join us as we discuss a growing movement in Minnesota to resurrect the state Equal Rights Amendment to be finally added to the Minnesota Constitution in the November 2010 elections. Learn about the federal ERA: the history, why it's still necessary and the current strategies to get a new amendment into the U.S. Constitution.  Also learn about the prospects for U.S. Senate ratification of CEDAW in the coming year and what difference ratification might make for Minnesota women. 
Presenters: M. Kathleen Murphy, Minnesota CAFE (Constitutional Amendment For Equality) Coalition, Lisa C. Stratton, University of Minnesota Law School, and Jill Gaulding, University of Minnesota Law School
Beyond the Mirror: Understanding and Responding to Domestic Abuse through Poetry and Dialogue
This innovative, interactive workshop utilizes poetry from the book Beyond the Mirror, by local writer Marlene Jezierski, to illuminate abuse victim experiences of psychological abuse. The workshop will include:
•         Dynamics of violent relationships focusing on psychological abuse
•         Poetry reading
•         Group discussion
•         How individuals and communities can respond
•         Tools for individual and community action
The power of the poetry lies in its ability to fuel ongoing dialogue and provide an answer to the question, “But what can I do?”
Presenters: Marlene Jezierski, author, and Amy Highness, Alexandra House
Voices of Middle East Women on Peace, Justice, and Human Rights
Listen to voices of women from the Middle East through interviews conducted by the presenter and the women's own writings.  Women of Israel and Palestine will address the issues that affect their human rights and how violence affects their daily lives.  Hear live from at least one woman who now makes her home in the United States and the effects that her experiences in the Middle East have in her life now. Receive resources to further inform yourself and several ideas you can use to help women who are in need of your voice to advocate for their human rights.
Presenters: Kathy Adam, Middle East Peace Now;  Duaa Azem and Gaida Azem
Health Care Reform from Dollars to Sense - Are We There Yet?
The World Health Organization ranks the U.S. first in healthcare expenditure, but 37th in overall performance and 72nd by overall health among 191 nations. Women, minorities and seniors in the U.S. pay disproportionately more than their counterparts. The Older Women’s League (OWL) has advocated “Medicare for All” since 1980. OWL and doctors from Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition (MUHCC) explain progress on women’s access to care in recent federal and state legislation, and their current experience in Minnesota.  This session will inform women of local and national resources for the right to health.
Presenters: Janet Asancheyev, Older Women’s League of MN, Susan Hasti, MD, and Amy Lange, RN, Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition