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Law Firm/Employer
City, State, Zip
Phone Number
Client Name
Client's Phone Number
Reason for Closing
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Date of Filing
Date of Interview (affirmative)
Date of hearing (defensive – removal)
Date of case decision
Name of presiding judge or asylum officer
Consulting Attorney
Did you use an interpreter provided by
The Advocates?
If you used an interpreter from The Advocates,
what was his or her name?
Did you use an expert?
If yes, expert name:
    Expert phone number or email:
    Expert mailing address:
    Area of Expertise:
    Type of service provided (affidavit, testified
in court, etc.):
    Did the expert provide their services pro bono?
Hours Spent on the Case
Hourly Rate
We report the total value of in-kind donations; if you do not have a regular hourly rate, please estimate the value of the hours you spent on the case for our in-kind reporting purposes.
Interest in a New Case
If you have additional comments about your experience, the support you received, resources or anything else please include it here.
We list the names of all of our volunteers in our newsletter whenever a new case is accepted, asylum is granted, or a case concludes. However, we also like to feature photos and longer stories about you and your client as feature pieces in newsletters, on our website, through Facebook, Twitter and annual reports. If you are willing to have your case publicized more broadly please indicate below: