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Minnesota Advocates'

New Human Rights Curriculum

                       Pilot Opportunity

  • This is an opportunity   for you, and/or a teacher you know to become one of 25 teachers to do an in-depth pilot of the new curriculum, Survival: Every Child's Right, in your classroom in the fall of 2000. 


  • In the spring of 1998, the Children's Rights Program of Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights published Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, a book reporting on children's fundamental rights to survival and healthy development in Mexico, Uganda, and the United States. In the United States, data were gathered in five cities: Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis/St.Paul. Now in those cities we're piloting this groundbreaking, multidisciplinary curriculum for students in grades 8-12.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!


  • Survival: Every Child's Right was written collaboratively by Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, with the expertise of teachers in the Partners in Human Rights Program, the research findings of the Children's Rights Program, and funding from the Ford Foundation.


  • Survival: Every Child's Right uses social studies, health, math, and data analysis to introduce students to general international human rights concepts by focusing on specific issues related to child survival worldwide. 


  • Lesson plans utilize interactive, hands-on techniques, including: case studies, group work, and role playing to raise students' awareness of the importance of equal access to health care, clean water, and food for child survival in both developing and industrialized countries.


  • Teachers interested in piloting and evaluating Survival: Every Child's Right will be offered honorariums for participation, as well as free training date in August or September.   Continuing education credits will be provided as available.


  • The training will familiarize teachers with the curriculum and pertinent international human rights documents.  In addition, teachers will have an opportunity to meet others piloting the curriculum and brainstorm together on how to incorporate Survival: Every Child's Right into their regular curriculum.


For more information on how you or someone you know can become involved in our new pilot opportunity contact Kathleen Murphy, Director of the Children's Rights Program at [email protected]   or call MN Advocates at 612. 341.3302

Please note: To participate in our pilot opportunity you must be located in one of these five areas- Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, or Minneapolis/St. Paul.