1998 Action Agenda

The Childrens Program will further the human rights of children in the U.S. and abroad through the following projects:

  • The Child Survival Project will educate and advocate on the basis of a ground breaking report which defines high mortality rates of children under five as a human rights violation.
  • The Campaign Against Forced Child Labor will provoke community and consumer activism in the Twin cities, and focus on moving children in India and Nepal from work to school.

The Conflict Prevention Program will launch a technical assistance project to conduct field assessments and workshops in partnership with locally-based NGOs in situations of escalating conflict.

The Education Program continues to work in schools and the greater community:

  • Partners in Human Rights Education will continue to create community teams who support teachers in giving children a human rights framework for life-long action. Partners will provide funds for action projects that foster connections between learning about human rights in the classroom and practicing human rights responsibilities in the community. The program will also provide three curriculum units.
  • Human Rights USA will begin with academic-year programming in the four pilot cities around the country, creation of a resource center for educators around the world including a human rights website, and public celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Refugee and Immigrant Program will continue to provide volunteer attorneys to represent indigent refugees seeking political asylum in this country. Efforts to combat anti-immigrant bias will be even more proactive. The programs will focus on reaching out to immigrant communities, ESL teachers, ethnic and community newspapers and on making recommendations on U.S. policy.

The Womens Program continues to expand its work internationally, focusing its efforts on preventing domestic violence as a human rights abuse. Through fact-finding and research, conferences and advocacy training, the Womens Program works in partnership with NGOs throughout Eastern Europe and Nepal. Locally, the Womens Program also sponsors the Annual Celebration of International Womens Day which brings women from diverse Minnesota communities together to promote the platform for action from the Fourth World Conference on Women.

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