Capital Punishment Facts

There are more than 3,050 inmates on death row today

40 United States jurisdictions have death penalty statutes

Nine states have resumed executions since 1990

Since 1977, over 300 individuals have been executed

Minnesota abolished the death penalty in 1911

The average violent crime rate of those states using capital punishment most frequently is almost three times Minnesotas violent crime rate

A 1987 review of capital cases since 1900 found 350 defendants to have been wrongly sentenced to death-- 24 of these defendants were executed

In Texas, a death penalty case costs taxpayers an average of $2.3 million, about three times the cost of imprisoning someone at the highest security level for 40 years

When given the option, 70 % of Minnesotans favor sentencing convicted murderers to spend the rest of their life laboring in prison, with the prisoners earnings paid to the victims family, over the death penalty

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