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Tel: 612-341-3302, Fax: 612-341-2971
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Title Price Quantity Total
Action and Advocacy
The Minnesota Plan: Recommendations for Preventing Gross Human Rights Violations in Kosovo $5.00    
No Double Standards in International Law: Linkage of NAFTA with Hemispheric System of Human Rights $5.00    
The U.N. Commission on Human Rights, Its Sub-Commission, and Related Procedures: An Orientation Manual $8.00    
Summary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action $5.00    
Children's Program
Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority $15.00    
Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, Executive Summary (free on-line) $5.00    
Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, Case Study of Child Mortality in Mexico (Executive Summary available on-line) $5.00    
Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, Case Study of Child Mortality in Uganda (Executive Summary available on-line) $5.00    
Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, Case Study of Child Mortality in the United States (Executive Summary available on-line) $5.00    
Women's Program
Domestic Violence in Albania (free on-line) $5.00    
Domestic Violence in Bulgaria (free on-line) $5.00    
Domestic Violence in Macedonia (free on-line) $5.00    
Domestic Violence in Nepal (free on-line) $5.00    
Summary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action $5.00    
Lifting the Last Curtain: A Report on Domestic Violence in Romania (free on-line) $5.00    
Another Violence Against Women: The Lack of Accountability in Haiti (Executive Summary available on-line) $5.00    
Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Bulgaria $5.00    
Refugee & Immigrant Program
Thirteenth Annual Asylum Conference Training Materials $25.00    
The Myths and Facts of Immigration: An Informational Packet $5.00    
Youth Education Bibliography: Refugee/Immigration Curriculum Materials $5.00    
The Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America - Video and Fact Sheets $25.00    
The Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America - Video, Fact Sheets & Study Guide $35.00    
The Immigrant and Refugee Experience: Who Are the Newcomers? $5.00    
Crisis Response Project
The Handbook on Human Rights in Situations of Conflict (Executive Summary available on-line) $15.00    
Eastern Europe
Albania: Violations of the Right to Freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion $3.00    
Human Rights in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania $12.00    
Press Restrictions in Albania $8.00    
Trial Observation Report: The Albanian Trial of Five Ethnic Greeks for Espionage $5.00    
Trimming the Cat's Claws: The Politics of Impunity in Albania $9.00    
Ioan Ruta: A Case Study of Human Rights in Romania $15.00    
Latin America
The Freedom Flotilla Six Years Later: From Mariel to Minnesota $2.00    
Justice Suspended: The Failure of the Habeas Corpus System in Guatemala $7.00    
Restavek: Child Domestic Labor in Haiti $7.00    
Children's Rights in Haiti $5.00    
Civilians at Risk: Military and Police Abuses in the Mexican Countryside $5.00    
Codificando Represión: El Código Penal para el Estado de Chiapas $3.00    
Conquest Continued: Disregard for Human and Indigenous Rights in the Mexican Stateof Chiapas $10.00    
Derechos Humanos y Poder Judicial en México (Spanish only) $5.00    
Harassment of Human Rights Defenders in Mexico $3.00    
The Homicide of Dr. Victor Manuel Oropeza Contreras: A Case Study of Failed Human Rights Reforms in Mexico $5.00    
Una Perspectiva Internacional del Proceso Electoral 1994: Derechos Electorales y Derechos Humanos $3.00    
Massacre in Mexico: Killings and Cover-Up in the State of Guerrero $5.00    
The Mexican Coordination of National Public Security: A Discussion of Legal and Human Rights Issues $3.00    
Paper Protection: Human Rights Violations and the Mexican Criminal Justice System $7.00    
Reflexiones Sobre Democracia y Derechos Humanos $3.00    
The Rule of Lawlessness in Mexico: Human Rights Violations in the State of Oaxaca $10.00    
Stifling Human Rights Advocacy in Mexico: The Censure of Brigadier General José Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez $3.00    
Other Countries
Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea $15.00    
The Philippines: A Human Rights Scrapbook $5.00    
Shame in the House of Saud: Contempt for Human Rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia $15.00    
Tunisia: Human Rights Crisis of 1987 $7.00    
Tunisia: Human Rights Report of 1989 $7.00    
Hidden from View: Human Rights Conditions in the Krome Detention Center $7.00    
Oakdale Detention Center: The First Year of Operation $3.00    
Other Materials
Administration of the Death Penalty in the United States $3.00    
Assisting Indigent Political Asylum Seekers in the United States: A Model for Volunteer Legal Assistance $3.00    
The Convention on the Rights of the Child $3.00    
Manual on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-Legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions (Minnesota Protocol) $3.00    
The Minnesota Center for Torture Victims: Setbacks and Advances for a Proposed American Model Treatment Program $3.00    

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