Action and Advocacy

The Minnesota Plan: Recommendations for Preventing Gross Human Rights Violations in Kosovo (1993). Details the severe repression of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and gives recommendations for the international community to prevent an escalation of conflict and further abuses of human rights in this region of the former Yugoslavia. 8½ x 11 in., 33 pages, $5.00.

No Double Standards in International Law: Linkage of NAFTA with Hemispheric System of Human Rights (December 1992). Calls for the linkage of the NAFTA agreement with international human rights enforcement mechanisms. Available in Spanish. 8½ x 11 in., 22 pages, $5.00.

The U.N. Commission on Human Rights, Its Sub-Commission, and Related Procedures: An Orientation Manual (1993). Provides a description of the principal human rights mechanisms available in the UN including the role of governments, nongovernmental organizations and the media. 6 x 9 in., 99 pages, $8.00.

Summary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1996). Povides a summary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action from the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, in Beijing, China, in 1995. 5½ x 8½ in., 40 pages, $5.00.

Children's Program

Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority (1998 in press) N. Arnison, H. Pham & S. Samuel, eds. $15.00.

Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, Executive Summary (1998). $5.00.

Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, Case Study of Child Mortality in Mexico (1998). $5.00.

Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, Case Study of Child Mortality in Uganda (1998). $5.00.

Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority, Case Study of Child Mortality in the United States (1998). $5.00.

Women's Program

Domestic Violence in Albania (1996). Documents domestic violence as a human rights violation in Albania. The report gives a thorough historical background on Albania and examines evidence of domestic violence in that country. The report also analyzes relevant Albanian laws and their implementation and compares these laws to Albania’s obligations under international law. This is one part of a series on domestic violence in the Balkans. 8½ x 11 in., 24 pages, $5.00.

Domestic Violence in Bulgaria (1996). Documents domestic violence as a human rights violation in Bulgaria. The report analyzes the legal system in Bulgaria, including criminal laws, police response to domestic violence, administrative procedures and divorce laws. The report also addresses Bulgaria’s obligations under international law. This report is part of a series on domestic violence in the Balkans. 8½ x 11 in., 23 pages, $5.00.

Domestic Violence in Macedonia. (1988). 8½ x 11 in., $5.00.

Domestic Violence in Nepal. (1988). 8½ x 11 in., $5.00.

Summary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. (1996). $5.00.

Lifting the Last Curtain: A Report on Domestic Violence in Romania. (1995). 8½ x 11 in., 22 pages, $5.00.

Another Violence Against Women: The Lack of Accountability in Haiti (1995). Documents the systematic rape of women as a tool of repression in Haiti during the military rule from 1991-1994 and evaluates the mechanisms established by the Haitian government to address this violence. 8½ x 11 in., 24 pages, $5.00.

Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Bulgaria (1999), $5.00.

Refugee & Immigrant Program

Thirteenth Annual Asylum Conference Training Materials. Everything you need to know about preparing an asylum application. Includes sample asylum applications, information about working with torture victims, country documentation resources, and preparing African asylum claims. 300 pages, $25.00.

The Myths and Facts of Immigration: An Informational Packet. This concise informational packet includes: "myth/fact" sheets on immigration, personal profiles of immigrants and refugees, and articles. $5.00.

Educational Videos and Curriculum Guides

Youth Education Bibliography: Refugee/Immigration Curriculum Materials. This 20-page annotated bibliography describes curriculum guides, videos and general resource materials on refugees, immigration policy, and human rights. Each listing contains a description of the materials, grade levels, related classroom subjects, and activity components. Includes necessary information for ordering these resources. A valuable resource for educators. $5.00.

The Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America - Video and Fact Sheets. Video (11 minutes) brings a historical, factual and personal perspective to immigration issues and features compelling stories of five immigrants. Fact Sheets address impact of immigrants on the U.S. economy, labor market and society. $25.00

The Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America - Video, Fact Sheets & Study Guide. Same as above, plus study guide. Study Guide uses easy-to-read charts, tables, graphs, and maps to convey who comes to the U.S., why they come, the process by which they are allowed in, where they settle, their impact on the economy, and the "nuts and bolts" of U.S. immigration policy. Immigration is presented within an historical context and through firsthand accounts and role-playing activities. Grade level: Middle School, High School, adult. $35.00.

The Immigrant and Refugee Experience: Who Are the Newcomers? Grade Level: Preschool - Grade 3. This 31-page curriculum guide contains five 30-minute lessons that deal with basic global education issues. Through role-play, cooperative games, and communication activities, children will gain empathy for newcomers by learning why people move, by understanding the complexities of coping with new situations, and by gaining insight into the perspective of "an outsider". One section also introduces children to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Guide contains introductory background material for teachers, a glossary of refugee- and immigration-related terms, and an extensive list of recommended children’s books that relate to these issues. Forms an ideal foundation for later, more in-depth studies of immigrants and refugees. $5.00.

Crisis Response Project

Handbook on Human Rights in Situations of Conflict. This Handbook is a valuable resource for attorneys, educators, and UN and other human rights professionals. It serves as a guide for using human rights norms and methods to prevent the escalation of conflict. The annexes comprise over 200 pages of the book, including a comprehensive overview of the UN, regional organizations and multilateral arrangements, and a directory of human rights organizations around the world. $15.00.

Eastern Europe


Albania: Violations of the Right to Freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion (1988). 8½ x 11 in., 22 pages, $3.00.

Human Rights in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania (1990). Provides a comprehensive and objective study of human rights in Albania, unearthing the day-to-day conditions in the country and producing recommendations to the Albanian Government, Foreign Governments and International Organizations seeking an end to 40 years of self-imposed isolation and urging adherence to the human rights commitment of the UN Charter to which Albania is bound by its membership in the U.N. 8½ x 11 in., 86 pages, $12.00.

Press Restrictions in Albania (1995). Documents and calls for an end to the legislative developments limiting press freedom in Albania, the repression measures taken against some journalists, and the government's apparent attempt to assert economic control over the print media. 8½ x 11 in., 23 pages, $8.00.

Trial Observation Report: The Albanian Trial of Five Ethnic Greeks for Espionage (1994). 8½ x 11 in., 13 pages, 5.00.

Trimming the Cat's Claws: The Politics of Impunity in Albania (1992). Details an investigation of the protection of human rights in the Albanian legal system in light of the dramatic political changes in the country in 1990 and 1991. 8½ x 11 in., 88 page, $9.00.


Ioan Ruta: A Case Study of Human Rights in Romania (1988). Summarizes the MLIHRC's work in the case of Mr. Ioan Constantin Ruta, a Romania citizen presently living in MN, who was detained mysteriously by the Romanian government for four months before being charged with criminal bribery. This report details the conditions of Mr. Ruta's detention, summarizes the events which occurred after his conviction that led to his release and provides an analysis of the legal aspects of Mr. Ruta's arrest, imprisonment, and trial. 8½ x 11 in., 45 pages, $15.00.

Latin America


The Freedom Flotilla Six Years Later: From Mariel to Minnesota (1986). 8½ x 11 in., 22 pages, $2.00.


Justice Suspended: The Failure of the Habeas Corpus System in Guatemala (1990). Documents the ineffectiveness of Guatemala's Habeas Corpus system in the government's failure to investigate crimes of political killings, kidnappings and disappearances and for failing to put an end to the extra-legal activity of the armed groups that perpetuate these crimes. Recommendations are given for improving the Habeas Corpus procedure. 8½ x 11 in., 131 pages, $7.00.


Restavek: Child Domestic Labor in Haiti (1989). Details the common practice of domestic child labor in Haiti, known in Creole as "restavek", and illuminates the plight of restavek children who lack basic economic and civil rights. Recommendations, directed toward the abolition of restavek, are offered. 8½ x 11 in., 51 pages, $7.00.

Children's Rights in Haiti (1989). Examines the reality of human rights protections for children in Haiti, far removed from written protections for children under Haitian domestic law, under the international treaties and conventions to which Haiti is a signatory, and under customary international law. Recommendations are made to the Government of Haiti and to the UN Commission on Human Rights to facilitate protection of vulnerable and neglected Haitian children. 8½ x 11 in., 33 pages, $5.00.


Civilians at Risk: Military and Police Abuses in the Mexican Countryside (August 1993). Documents patterns of human rights abuses by the Mexico military and police against indigenous communities in rural Mexico. 8½ x 11 in., 37 pages, $5.00 .

Codificando Represión: El Código Penal para el Estado de Chiapas. (December 1994). Aanalyzes the Penal Code of the state of Chiapas and recommends fundamental changes in the document so that the legal standards that govern the state conform to international principles of human rights ratified by Mexico. Spanish only. 8½ x 11 in., 11 pages, $3.00.

Conquest Continued: Disregard for Human and Indigenous Rights in the Mexican Stateof Chiapas (October 1992). Details the intimidation, torture, and electoral fraud used by Mexico’s police and ruling political party to exclude the indigenous population from political participation and economic progress in Chiapas. Spanish only, 8½ x 11 in., 93 pages, $10.00.

Derechos Humanos y Poder Judicial en México (February 1995). Reviews the structure and practice of the judicial branch of government in Mexico as it affects the human rights of Mexican citizens. Analyzes structural and practical impediments to the independence of the judiciary, including the procedures for appointment and discipline of judges, and the use of judicial power as an instrument of executive authority.

Spanish only, 8½ x 11 in., 34 pages, $5.00.

Harassment of Human Rights Defenders in Mexico (August 1994). Details escalating aggressions against human rights advocates, community workers and the Catholic Church prior to the national elections of August 1994, and urges the Mexican government to guarantee international human rights protections for these individuals and their organizations. Available in Spanish, 8½ x 11 in., 12 pages, $3.00.

The Homicide of Dr. Victor Manuel Oropeza Contreras: A Case Study of Failed Human Rights Reforms in Mexico (December 1991). Examines the homicide of a popular, outspoken newspaper columnist. The investigation of this death exemplified the abuses and failings of the Mexican police and prosecuting authorities. 8½ x 11 in., 40 pages, $5.00.

Una Perspectiva Internacional del Proceso Electoral 1994: Derechos Electorales y Derechos Humanos (November 1994). Spanish only, 8½ x 11 in., 9 pages, $3.00. Discusses electoral rights as a basic human right of all citizens, and focuses on the close relationship between the protection of political rights and other human rights. Includes electoral violence, electoral reforms, and experiences and impact of international election observers. $3.00.

Massacre in Mexico: Killings and Cover-Up in the State of Guerrero (1995). Describes the state police killing of seventeen civilians and the lengths to which the Guerrero state government sought to cover up these killings. The report also analyzes the failed federal government response to the massacre in light of its international human rights responsibilities. 8½ x 11 in., 32 pages,$5.00.

The Mexican Coordination of National Public Security: A Discussion of Legal and Human Rights Issues (June 1994). Analyzes the creation and potential impact on human rights protections of a new Mexican executive office with broad authority over the nation’s security forces. 8½ x 11 in., 9 pages, $3.00.

Paper Protection: Human Rights Violations and the Mexican Criminal Justice System (July 1990). Documents chronic human rights abuses by the Mexican police forces and analyzes the relevant Mexican and international legal provisions. 8½ x 11 in., 60 pages, $7.00.

Reflexiones Sobre Democracia y Derechos Humanos (August 1994). Presents various reflections about the relationship between democracy and human rights, discussing the various interpretations of these two concepts. The relationship and conclusions are discussed within the context of Mexican society and politics. 8½ x 11 in., 11 pages, $3.00.

The Rule of Lawlessness in Mexico: Human Rights Violations in the State of Oaxaca (1996). Documents an array of human rights violations resulting from government act and omission in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, and gives recommendations to the Oaxacan state government and the Mexican federal government. Produced in conjunction with the Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights. 8½ x 11 in., 76 pages, $10.00.

Stifling Human Rights Advocacy in Mexico: The Censure of Brigadier General José Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez (May 1994). Highlights the risks facing human rights advocates in Mexico today by detailing the case of a prominent Mexican general who was jailed after denouncing military human rights violations. 8½ x 11 in., 11 pages, $3.00.

Other Countries

North Korea

Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (1988). Examines the DPRK government's established comprehensive system which consistently deprives its citizens of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. Continued monitoring is called for and recommendations are given to the DPRK government and to international organizations to engage DPRK in compliance with the human rights instruments it has bound itself to. 6 x 9 in., 225 pages, $15.00.


The Philippines: A Human Rights Scrapbook (1989). 8½ x 11 in., $5.00.

Saudi Arabia

Shame in the House of Saud: Contempt for Human Rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1992). Documents Saudi Arabia's deplorable human rights record, especially regarding the criminal justice system and the treatment of foreign workers, women and the Shila minority. 5½ x 8½ in., 170 pages, $15.00.


Tunisia: Human Rights Crisis of 1987 (1988). Reviews the Tunisian government's official position regarding human rights and the human rights situation in Tunisia, including specific reports of human rights violations and the human rights organizations in existence in Tunisia. 7 x 10 in., 70 pages, $7.00.

Tunisia: Human Rights Report of 1989 (1990). Provides an account of human rights conditions in Tunisia as of March 1989 and finds that while the progress made by the Tunisian government in the area of human rights is commendable, there are features of Tunisian law and institutions that still prevent the Tunisian Government from fully complying with its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Tunisian Constitution. 8½ x 11 in., 74 pages, $7.00.

United States

Hidden from View: Human Rights Conditions in the Krome Detention Center (1991). Examines the conditions of confinement and standards of operation of The Immigration and Naturalization Service's Krome Avenue Detention Center in South Dade County, Florida, a minimum security short term facility that houses detained aliens and has been the subject of serious allegations of due process and human rights abuses. 8½ x 11 in., 81 pages, $7.00.

Oakdale Detention Center: The First Year of Operation (1987). Provides an account of the human rights conditions at the Oakdale Federal Alien Detention Center in Oakdale Louisiana, during its first year of operation. The improper, illegal and sometimes cruel treatment of the multinational alien detainees is documented and recommendations are given for a more humane approach to the problem of illegal immigration. 5½ x 8½ in., 55 pages, $3.00.

Other Materials

Administration of the Death Penalty in the United States (June 1996). 6 x 8 ½ in., International Commission of Jurists publication, $3.00.

Assisting Indigent Political Asylum Seekers in the United States: A Model for Volunteer Legal Assistance (1990). Reprint of article published in the Hamline Law Review by Barbara Frey, $3.00.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child. U.N. Document, $3.00.

Manual on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-Legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions (Minnesota Protocol) (1991). The result of several years of analysis, research and drafting undertaken because of the extra-legal, arbitrary and summary executions throughout the world. The manual, greatly facilitated by MLIHRC, provides technical advice for meaningful implementation of the Principles adopted by the U.N. Economic and Social Council in the February 1990 session in Vienna. U.N. publication, available in Spanish, $3.00.

The Minnesota Center for Torture Victims: Setbacks and Advances for a Proposed American Model Treatment Program (1987). Reprint of article in Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy by Barbara Frey, $3.00.

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