Membership and Development

Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights relies on the support and activism of our members to promote and protect human rights worldwide. We invite you to become a Human Rights Advocate.

Ensuring judicial fairness through trial observations in Romania and South Africa; exposing human rights violations in Albania and North Korea; bringing the regional conflict in Chiapas, Mexico to the international forum; and supporting the effort to hold Chiles Augusto Pinochet accountable for human rights atrocities -- these are just a few of the accomplishments that punctuate the past 15 years of service provided by Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights.

Minnesota Advocates is recognized as a leading international human rights organization. The work and strength of Minnesota Advocates has been the activism and volunteerism of community members. By becoming a Human Rights Advocate, Minnesotans can be national and international leaders in the human rights movement.

Whether through educating Minnesota students about human rights and responsibilities; providing advocacy, education and legal services to immigrants and refugees in our community; promoting the rights of women locally, nationally and internationally; or protecting child survival in countries such as the U.S., Uganda and Mexico -- Minnesota Advocates is dedicated to partnering with our community members and communities abroad to ensure respect for human rights.



Your Contribution Matters...

The dedicated staff and volunteers of Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights accomplish great things with few resources. Your contribution can be used to:

$1,500 Support sending an activist overseas for a training and advocacy initiative
$1,000 Support sending a country delegation to a training organized by Minnesota Advocates
$500 Support community action projects in which students, teachers, and community members work together to address local human rights problems.
$250 Support legal services for a family seeking political asylum
$100 Provide four human rights organizations in potentially violent locations with Minnesota Advocates, Handbook on Human Rights in Situations of Conflict.
$50 Send a human rights curriculum to a classroom or provide training materials to a human rights organization in another country.

Become a Human Rights Advocate...

Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights urges you to turn your commitment to human rights into action through your financial support and volunteerism. Your contribution entitles you to a subscription to the Human Rights Observer newsletter and invitations to Minnesota Advocates events:

$25 Student
$50 Individual
$75 Family
$100 Organization
$250 Promoter
$500 Benefactor





Contributions may be sent to Minnesota Advocates at the address below. We accept checks and money orders, MasterCard and Visa. Please call us with any questions.

For more information, contact Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights,
310 Fourth Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1012.
Tel: 612-341-3302, Fax: 612-341-2971, E-mail: [email protected]

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