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Our Work

Death Penalty

More than a decade ago, The Advocates adopted a formal commitment to oppose the death penalty worldwide.  In the United States, the capricious and arbitrary administration of the death penalty results in an enormous need for competent lawyers to assist death row inmates with their post-conviction appeals. The Advocates' Death Penalty Project was organized in 1991 to recruit Minnesota attorneys to respond to this need. The Project also provides education and advocacy on death penalty issues.

U.S. Immigration Policy

The Advocates has emerged as a strong voice in the struggle for immigration policies that reflect human rights principles, providing national leadership in the area of immigration detention and serving as a leading resource for factual information on immigration issues through our Energy of a Nation website. The Advocates for Human Rights monitors immigration-related legislation in Minnesota and the U.S. and regularly reports on U.S. compliance with human rights obligations.

Legal Reform - Women's Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights works for the advancement of women's rights and the end of the worldwide problem of violence against women. The Advocates has provided leadership around the world on legal reform on violence against women. This includes consultation with local non-governmental organizations in drafting laws, assistance in lobbying for passage of those laws, and training for legal professionals in implementation of the laws. Advocates in countries around the world, including those in the U.S., have access to the best training materials and technical assistance resources to hold their governments accountable for protecting women's human rights through our Stop Violence Against Women website. The Women's Program works around the world, in the U.S., and in Minnesota, including leadership in the Human Trafficking Task Force and the statewide Safe Harbors for Sexually Exploited Youth initiative.