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Minnesota Advocates offers a variety of publications to help researchers, students, human rights practitioners, and the general public gain a better understanding of human rights and the programs of the organization.

Minnesota Advocates' publications cover a range of human rights issues. The materials include books, booklets and fact sheets - some of which are available in Spanish.  Many of these publications are available on this site, while others may be requested by filling out this order form. 

Featured publication: Check out the new 2004 second edition of Minnesota Advocates' teaching guide entitled, Energy of a Nation: Immigrants

in America.” This valuable learning tool uses easy-to-read charts, tables, graphs, and maps to convey important information about immigration such as: who comes from other countries to settle in the U.S., why they come, the process by which they are allowed in, where they settle, their impact on the economy, and the "nuts and bolts" of U.S. immigration policy.  Immigration is presented within an historical context and through firsthand accounts and role-playing activities. This great resource is aimed for Grade 8 through Adult audiences. It can be used in classes discussing current events, civics, economics, geography, history, law, social studies, art, literature, and other subject areas.

The Observer - Now Online!
Minnesota Advocates newsletter, The Observer,  is an important source of information for activists around the world and locally in Minnesota. It contains summaries of ongoing projects, reports from programs, resources, reviews of publications and information about upcoming events. The Observer is issued three times a year.

Annual Reports
Each year Minnesota Advocates publishes an annual report on its work and its volunteer achievments the world.

2003 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report