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Rights Sites: Integrating Human Rights Education into Twin Cities Schools

"If there is one thing that I do that makes me proud of my work as an educator, it is human rights education."



Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights has developed a program to help K-12 teachers integrate human rights education into their curricula. This program, called "Rights Sites," piloted 8 schools located in the Twin Cities metro area. The Rights Sites project provides examples of how human rights education can flourish in diverse educational environments. You are invited to explore the schools' stories here…



"...When I teach human rights issues as part of my curriculum, students learn that nothing that we study exists in an ethical void - not math, not science, not politics.  And then they start to see their own actions and choices as part of the same fundamental human picture…"



Resources for Teachers and Students:

 Lesson example: "Human Rights Introduction"  
 Frequently asked questions about human rights education  
 Tips on evaluation  
 The values framework for human rights  
 Films that address human rights issues  

Lesson plans from Rights Sites teachers

General human rights education links for teachers

General human rights education links for students

Becoming a Rights Site School
Are you interested in learning more about how your school can partner with Minnesota Advocates in our Rights Sites Project?  If you are an educator or school administrator and would like to learn more about our school partnerships, please contact Megan Powers, Director of Education at Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights.

New Rights Site schools' updates!
Coming in November 2004:  New interviews with Rights Sites teachers, highlighting program activities for the 2003-2004 school year.  Please check back on this site for updated school stories and resources.