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United States of America
Submission to the United Nations
Universal Periodic Review
Ninth Session of the Working Group on the UPR
Human Rights Council
2 November – 3 December 2010
This should be an introduction that captures the main points of the submission. Organizations may wish to include:
·        Highlights and major recommendations of submission;
·        Key words (“domestic violence” is the example from the Technical Guidelines);
·        Short description of methodology to establish information is objective and reliable;
·        A paragraph describing the main activities of the submitting organization/coalition, as well as date of establishment;
·        Should the submission be prepared jointly, the names of all submitting stakeholders should appear at the beginning of the submission text
Information about the methodology and the broad consultation process followed nationally for the preparation of information provided to the UPR by the country under review.[1]
Current Normative and Institutional Framework for the Promotion And Protection Of Human Rights[2]
Areas to address:
·        Scope of international obligations
·        Constitutional and legislative framework
·        Institutional and human rights infrastructure
·        Policy measures such as national action plans
·        National jurisprudence
·        Human rights infrastructure including national human rights institutions
(implementation and efficiency of the normative and institutional framework for the promotion and protection of human rights)
Information on the implementation of international human rights obligations
      • Equality and non-discrimination
      • Right to life, liberty and security of the person
      • Administration of justice, including impunity, and the rule of law
      • Freedom of movement
      • Right to privacy, marriage and family life
      • Freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, and the right to participate in public and political life
      • Right to work and to just and favourable conditions of work
      • Right to social security and adequate standard of living
      • Right to education and to participate in the cultural life of the community
      • Minorities and indigenous peoples
      • Migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers
      • Human rights and counter-terrorism
      Information on commitments at the national and the international levels
      §         Information on the implementation of commitments made at international conferences and other United Nations fora;
      §         of constitutional and legal reforms aimed at protecting human rights
      §         national action plans
      §         mechanisms and remedies aimed at improving human rights
      §         activities of national human rights institutions
      §         human rights education and public awareness
      Cooperation with human rights mechanisms[4]
      Information about cooperation with:
      ·        with human rights mechanisms
      ·        national human rights institutions
      ·        NGOs
      ·        rights holders
      ·        human rights defenders
      ·        other relevant national human rights stakeholders
      ·        at the national, regional and international levels
      Information about:
      ·        Achievements made in the past 4 years
      ·        Best practices which have emerged
      ·        Challenges and constraints faced by the country under review;
      Key National Priorities[6]
      ·         Initiatives and commitments that the State concerned should undertake to overcome challenges and constraints and improve human rights situations on the ground.
      §         national strategies
      §         areas where further progress is required
      §         steps regarding implementation and follow-up to recommendations made by human rights mechanisms
      §         commitments for future cooperation with OHCHR and human rights mechanisms and agencies;
      ·        Expectations
      ·        Recommendations for bilateral, regional and international cooperation.
      The following are recommendations based on the human rights concerns described in this submission.
      APPENDIX: Documents for further reference
      ·        Annexes to the submissions should NOT include pictures, maps, organizations’ annual reports or reports from other organizations
      • Include detailed citation information and web links for all documents suggested for further reference. 
      • Identify those references included as attachments/exhibits to the submission.
      • If possible, include a short description of the information contained in the document. 
      • If numerous documents/suggested resources are listed, organize documents by sub-issue and list under separate headings

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      [2] Section I.b. of General Guidelines/ Technical Guidelines Section IV.B.8.b
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