In Central America and the Caribbean


The Womens Program has joined the Child Survival Program of MN Advocates in its project in Mexico. Workshops were held in late 1998 in Oaxaca and Chihuahua. The workshops brought together governmental and non-governmental organizations to work on the issues affecting child survival. In addition, the workshops created a forum for discussion among these organizations and a place for participants to strategize on improving child survival in Mexico.  The Womens Program will continue working on womens rights issues as they relate to child survival in Mexico through the year 2000.


In February and July 1995, Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights sent delegations to Haiti to investigate further the violence against women during the time of military rule and to evaluate the mechanisms which were established by the Haitian government to address these human rights violations. Another violence against Women: The Lack of Accountability in Haiti (1995)

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