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Newly released publications from the Women's Human Rights Program.

Program Summary

The Womens Human Rights Program works to improve the lives of women by using international human rights standards to advocate for womens rights internationally, nationally, and locally in Minnesota. Through this work, the Womens Program educates and advocates on pressing human rights issues of women, including violence against women and the link between child survival and maternal health and mortality. The Womens Program achieves its goals through research, documentation, education and training initiatives.


  • Womens Rights and Child Survival...
    The Womens Program is collaborating with the Childrens Program of Minnesota Advocates to focus attention on the connection between womens human rights and child mortality. By examining the issue of child mortality, the connection between discrimination against women in education and employment, and the welfare of the entire society will be explored. The connection between child survival and womens human rights is being examined in three countries at various stages of economic development, including Uganda, Mexico, and the United States. Through research and advocacy efforts, the project emphasizes the common issues and extent of the problem of child mortality and discrimination against women globally.

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